5 Steps For A Healthier Life

Living Healthier in 5 Easy Steps

Try this just as an experiment, next time you find yourself in a park, boardwalk or some other relaxing public area keep an eye out for the elderly. You want to find the oldest and healthiest person you know and ask them what the secret of a healthy life is. You may be more surprised by what you don’t hear.

You are not likely to receive an infomercial for this great fad diet, prescription medication or surgical procedures, the fact is drugs, doctors and diets are not the keys to healthy living. These provide a useful treatment for an occasional symptom but make a poor way of life.

The great news is that the secrets to long healthy lives have been with us since the dawn of time and takes no exterior treatments, potions or elixirs to reverse the aging process. Following are 5 ways that anyone at any age can instantly affect their health for the better, and they won’t cost you a dime.

1) Laugh Until You are Blue in the Face

If nothing else, it is far better to die laughing than worried about when you will die. This is one of those human activities that only gets more beneficial when done excessively. Think of the last time you laughed out loud, not just texted LOL, didn’t you feel alive, alert and elated?

This is because when you laugh, you expand the blood vessels by filling them with oxygen from your lungs as you heave and snort in raucous merriment. You also release endorphins that will activate the nitric oxide in the blood vessels that will improve the cardiovascular efficiency of the body, explained in http://venusfactortruth.org.

If you feel your life lacks comic relief, just look in the mirror and stop taking yourself so seriously. You are probably the funniest thing you know.

2) Learn the Art of Aging

Getting older is a beautiful thing, especially when done as an art. Those who dig out their old guitars and pull up the easel for some self-expression have kept alert minds and bodies till well into their golden years.

On the other hand we have the vast majority of unfortunate people who seem to have been surprised by the concept of aging and are now spending a fortune to try to buy back youth, more’s the pity.

Immune systems, bone structure, brain function, cognitive function and so much more depend largely on the attitudes and mindset of the individual. Keep your mind clear of negativity and age well.

3) Surround Yourself With Friends and Positive People

Make no mistake about it humans are social animals and do far better in the company of other humans whose positivity and good spirits can lift us up when we are feeling down. If a merry heart is as good as a medicine, think of what poison a heart tormented by sorrow and depression can be to itself and even those around.

Make friends with your coworkers, keep communications with your family upbeat and positive, and make sure you and your neighbors are on good terms. As social animals, our nearest neighbors will have the greatest effect on us.

4) Get a Massage

Massage therapy has a greater effect on the human body than an extensive listing of treatments for depression, anxiety, stress and can even improve physical functions from fat regulation to breathing difficulties. This is talked about at http://oldschoolnewbodynow.com.

Practice giving massages too. Receiving a massage from a loved one has much-improved benefits for the mind, spirit, and body, they are additionally cheaper and surprisingly more intimate.

5) Sleep More

More people commit suicide with an alarm clock than any other weapon, except the spoon and fork. People who are not getting the proper amount of sleep are throwing their physical condition into a tailspin. Good health is based primarily on the specific amounts of sleep, nutritional intake and exercise your physical body is getting.

If one is out of balance, sleep for instance, it will affect the others. Improper sleep leads to the cravings for carbs and sugars to infuse the body with a poorer source of energy. This only makes the inactive person more inactive.

In Conclusion

The secrets to great health are already inside of you. As a natural human, you must just find your way back to the natural health plan that does indeed promise a long and healthy life.

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